Why You Need To Slap On SPF Right Now

Why You Need To Slap On SPF Right Now

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by Masha Nova

The three magic letters mouthed to yourself quietly on the evening before a flight out to some place tropical… WRONG ! If you have been neglecting your 8 glasses of water, limited social media screen time and oh God – sunscreen, your skin will not thank you in the long run.

There is a strong misconception that ‘most of the day creams nowadays’ have sun ray protection in them, but rarely do we check the back of our jars for the list of ingredients. So why do you need to graciously rub in sunscreen off-beach-time anyways ?

Your skin is a natural barrier towards all things sun and cold, preventing water loss and blocking the entry of unwanted germs. Skin on our faces is the most exposed part of the organ and normally, this is where mother nature will hit you with a clock first. Uneven skin tone and pigmentation should be enough of an argument for you to start reaching out for SPF like right now.
*What if my skin type is oily ? Water based creams with marks 15spf should be your go-to. Try ‘spray-ons’ that can also substitute your make up fixer: Anthelios spf 50 by La Roche Posay is one of the many options.

UVA and UVB rays
Here is a crush course about the sun rays: UVA reaches the Earth surface throughout the year (this is why using the minimum spf in winter or a day cream with UVA protection, even through the snow and the rain is required). UVB lights peak during the summer months. UVB is also the one that will get you tomato red and make you spend money yet on another aloe gel (shorter wavelength, penetrates upper skin layers). UVA touches your epidermis like an ageing slap (affects the deeper dermal layers). In general UV light causes damage to skin cells on different levels (including the break of the sacred collagen) and can seed the beginning of more dangerous issues than inevitable ageing.
*What if I still want to tan? The general rule states: 20 minutes before sun exposure apply a stronger protector to the skin on your face and reapply every 2 hours (and after swimming). Our pick: Photo Regul Strong Sun by Institut Esthederm. .

The recent Korean Skincare craze not only allowed us skincare junkies to tap into more products, but have revealed the unheard of options for the sun protection. A light gel essence that is also a glow base ? SURE . Need a mattifying primer ? THERE YOU GO . Can’t stand the creamy feel ? There is SUN OIL or better, a TINTED POWDER . If you are in search for a forward thinking product, look no further than at cultures that have been having a love-hate relationship with the sun. They sure have the best thing in minds and on the shelves.

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